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We are the S30

Comprised of Chief Sustainability Officers from some of the world’s most influential companies, the aim of the S30 is to accelerate business action on environmental sustainability and social impact through collaboration and collective accountability.

Co-founded in 2020 by EY, Freuds Group and the Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI) – launched by His Majesty King Charles III while he held the title of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales – the S30 is co-chaired by Dr. Arlo Brady, CEO of Freuds Group, and Amy Brachio, Global Vice Chair - Sustainability of EY.

Arlo Brady standing at table delivering a speechAmy Brachio speaking into microphone at an event

Our role

The S30 is a global, trust-based community of diverse sustainability leaders, in which members can share, learn and collaborate, all with the aim of driving progress within their own organisations, industries and beyond.

Key to our group’s influence, members come from organisations with enough scale and size to have a guiding role in economic and industry decision-making. Our reach is extensive. S30 members come from four continents and are drawn from a wide range of sectors, including consumer goods, energy, financial services, fashion, hospitality, industrial products, life sciences and technology, among others.

What we do

Enable collaboration by coming together virtually for quarterly meetings; convening in-person gatherings during global moments like the UN General Assembly, COP and the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting; and participating in our annual retreat.

Inform decision-making and build knowledge through member discussions and expert guest speakers from academia, NGOs, government and beyond on topics impeding or accelerating impact (e.g., carbon markets, target setting, greenwashing, private-public sector cooperation)

Provide a confidential space to ask questions, propose solutions and establish and scale best practices that can be adopted across markets and industries whenever, wherever possible.

Champion the role of CSO publicly to empower leadership and drive action, sharing successes and learnings—whilst respecting member confidentiality—to motivate action by other organisations.



We welcome questions and proposals regarding engaging with the S30. Should you wish to speak with a member of the S30 team, please reach out at the following number or address.